Delivered to your door  

{{NOW ACCEPTING}} NEW CUSTOMERS in AVON. We will be starting a NEW route in Avon early March 2020. We deliver Farm Fresh Non-GMO pasture raised eggs delivered to your door weekly. You will receive a variety of fresh eggs of varying sizes and color ranging from cream, varying shades of blue, green, brown, olive & tan . A note about yolk color: yolk color changes with the season, our hens have access to fresh vegetation in the spring, summer and fall however winter months tend to be a bit more challenging. Many commercial growers add marigold powder to their feed to help create that dark orange yolk color, we do not do that so the yolk colors will vary based on what that hen eats. We leave them in your cooler at the location you request. You can check out or reviews on the Neighbors of West Hartford facebook page. We also offer local honey, plain and infused with lavender, chai, pumpkin spice, cinnamon or CBD. We accept cash, check and Venmo. Email to if you would like to sign up. Thank you for looking.


Colchester, Ct 06415